Friday, June 18, 2021

Some For Me, Some For My Son

If you follow my blog very much, you know you are going to see 1 or 2 different types of cards:  Cardinals or Jose Altuve.  It may seem like a strange combination, but my son has a soft spot for the undersized second baseman.  

It started about 4 or 5 years ago when he was in Little League.  At the time he was also on the smaller side and played second base, so it was easy for him to root for Altuve.  Fast forward a couple of years and he has grown up quite a bit while Altuve has experienced some rough times the last few years.  Despite that, my son is still chasing after his cards.   

A great feature on the TCDB website is the ability to check another person's trade list by a player's name.  I try to remember to check for Altuve cards my son needs when working out a trade, but sometimes I forgot.  Last week I did remember to check and scored a couple for him from member PhillipKnightScott.  Of course I gained some nice Cardinals also.

My son is learning the difference between Topps and Panini cards.  The lack of logos is the easy way to teach him, but I also have him trying to recognize the brand names.  The Diamond Kings was not too hard, but the many brands of 2020 Chronicles had him confused..

My portion of the trade almost finished my 2020 Optic set.  I am down to needing the Goldschmidt base card.

I try to add inserts to my wantlist when the set comes out, but I tend to forget to do so.  Then I either see the cards on other posts or seaching EBAY and think I already have them.  These 3 are cards I have seen numerous times, but did not have in the collection.  

Finishing things up with a couple of Bowman inserts.  The Montero is a Chrome version from 2020 Bowman Heritage, while the Liberatore is a sweet looking Mojo refractor from 2021 Bowman.  


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