Wednesday, July 28, 2021


Before I left for Lexington last week, I had a bubble mailer arrive on Wednesday.  I did not get a chance to open it until Sunday evening.  My informed delivery let me know it was an EBAY lot that I had won a while back.  It was a lot of close to 70 different Cardinals.  There were only a handful of cards I needed, but for a little over $5 delivered it was worth it to me. 

I thought it was a bit strange to have duplicates of an autograph in the same lot, but I will take them.  One is for my pc, the other will either be trade bait or headed to Kerry if he needs it.

There was a small handful of inserts.  I only needed 2 of them being the 2019 Pink Fernandez and 2019 Gallery Wood Helsley.  It was nice to finish my 2021 Bowman team set with the addition of the chrome Liberatore.

The rest of the 50 plus cards were mostly rookie cards including these 5 2021 Topps Dylan Carlson cards.  A lot of the cards were of pitchers, but there were a couple Randy Arozerana 2020 Topps cards included.  Good value in my book for about $5.