Monday, February 26, 2024

Fourth Lankford of 2024

2023 saw me spend the most money on my Ray Lankford collection in a long time.  Panini included him in Donruss, Chronicles, and Immaculate and cranked out close to 50 new cards.  I have managed to track down most of them other than printing plates and some cards with a print run of less than 5.  

Earlier this month Panini released 2023 Flawless.  I was excited to see Lankford was included in the checklist.  My bank account was not so excited to see all 12 cards autographed and numbered to 25 or less.  I hope 2024 is not more expensive than 2023.  A handful of them have surfaced on EBAY, 2 with a starting price over $50.  That is too rich for my blood.  I was able to buy one for about $25 that arrived on Saturday.

This is the ruby version of the Signatures card.  It looks bronze in this scan, but is much closer to red in person.  Great looking card and very thick.  I will have to track down a version of his Achievements card that highlights his hitting for the cycle during his rookie year.    


  1. That's a sweet card!!! I have a Flawless Lankford in the mail at the moment. Cannot wait to have it in my hands.

  2. They are great looking cards. This is the first Flawless card of any type in my collection. Can't wait to see your card.