Friday, February 23, 2024

Monthly Ron B Package

TCDB member and one of my favorite trading partners Ron B sent his seemingly monthly package my way this week.  Even though I know most of the cards that are coming, it is still a thrill to open his packages.  This one did not disappoint.

Starting off with a trio of Pujols cards, including 2 short prints.  The 2008 Heritage card has the black ink variation on the back.  

A couple of regular inserts, one from Gallery and one from Series 1.  I have set a goal to own the Gibson rookie card in 3 years.  By that time, I will have my mortgage paid off and only 1 child in college.  

A 3 pack of A&G minis, including 2 versions of a 2016 Matt Holiday.  If you look closely, you will notice the A&G back is the no number version that has a print run of 50.  

Ron has great luck finding Cardinals refractors in bargain boxes.  

He also found a stash of colored parallels.  Wish I could find Topps gold cards for a dime or quarter.  

Moving to the Panini portion of the trade with 2 Hall of Fame cards and a should be Hall of Famer in Boyer.  

The Panini refractor type portion of the trade was colorful.  Both the Wynn and Coleman cards are beautiful in hand.  

Ron never forgets to include some Altuve cards for my son.  If you happen to be on TCDB, his id is RonSolo1.  Very easy to deal with and a great person to send your unwanted Pirate cards to.

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