Thursday, October 19, 2017

Catching Up on 2017

Hard to believe that it is the middle of October already.  I had to make a Wal-Mart run earlier this week and noticed the Christmas section is already up and running.  Of course I saw a few people with wrapping paper in their carts.  I certainly do not have the Christmas spirit yet.  This year is just flying by way too quickly.

I received a trade package this week from TCDB member mzentko that made me realize how far behind I am on completing a lot of 2017 team sets.  I had the privilege of meeting Mark a few years ago at a Memphis Redbirds game.  He is a fellow Cardinals fan who I have traded with multiple times.  His latest package came without much warning.

I am not even half way done with 2017 Stadium Club.  Nice to see Big Mac in a Cardinals uniform again. 

I had to look twice at this Yadi to realize it is a gold foil parallel.  Still need the base card.

These are my first 2017 Finest cards.  The Reyes is a Finest First insert.

Here are a couple of inserts of the 2 previous starting shortstops.  I hope Paul DeJong fairs better than these guys.  The Diaz is a very sharp card in person.  I hope he can rebound and at least serve as a utility infielder.  

These are my first Fathead Tradeables.  Unless my son wants to stick them on his wall, they will go into the collection.

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