Thursday, October 26, 2017

First Blog Trade in a While, Well Kind Of

I know quite a few bloggers also use other sites on the internet for trading.  I am a member of 3: The Bench, Trading Bases, and Trading Card Database.  Last week I proposed a trade to TCDB member IndyBean17 without knowing it was Kin who runs the blog I Feel Like a Collector Again.  Small card world we have sometimes.  His package of Cardinals arrived in yesterday's mail.

Mr Brock is my first Topps Fire card.  I like the cards, but do not have a Target within an hour's drive so I will be trading for all the Cardinals.  Wainwright is only my third 2017 Topps Chrome card. 

The Pham is a foil parallel from 2016 Series 2.  It was nice to see Pham have a healthy season, but I have my doubts if he will put up the same 20-20 numbers he did this year.  I will say it is good to see a player speak his mind.  Pham is not afraid to praise himself or criticize the team the team if they deserve it. 
I now have 2 Cardinals from the 2011 Heritage Minors set.  I wish I could find a nice dime or even a quarter box with these. 

My scanner did not pick up the gloss on this 1987 Fleer Glossy card.  I had some of these sitting in my doubles box that I had mistaken for regular cards.  I should take some time this winter to go through the rest of my Cardinals doubles to make sure I did not miss any other parallels.   


  1. So that's what the "real" Pham card looks like. I haven't seen many Cardinals games lately so I dont know much about him. I'll have to follow him more closely in '18.

    It is a small world, at least the card collector side of it. Kin has another blog called Bean's Ballcard Blog - but I dont know that I would have recognized him by that user ID either.

  2. Thanks for the trade! I think I've already added more from your wish list haha