Monday, January 30, 2023

Card Show Recap

My son and I hit up our first card show of 2023 on Saturday.  It was held at the same mall a little over an hour's drive from our house that we attended a few times last year.  Many of the dealers were the same, but there were a few new ones this time.  We only bought from 3 different tables.  First was a new dealer with 6 binders of vintage cards for $1 each.  On the drive to the show, I mentioned to my son that I was looking to buy a few vintage singles.  We managed to find 15 Cardinals from my list.

I am not very picky regarding the condition of cards from the 1960s.  I will pass on cards with writing and major creases but I am willing to buy almost anything else if it is priced accordingly.  The 2 1964 cards are very close to mint, while the 1965 Javier card is not.  I will mention my son loved how easy it was to pick out the Cardinals in the albums.  

There were a lot of 1966 cards in 2 of the albums.  I found these 4 that passed my condition guide.  Groat and Jackson are in very good condition, the Sadecki has a rough corner, and the Briles has some surface issues.  

 I will finish the 1960s with a 1967 Joe Hoerner, 2 Hall of Famers from 1968, and a couple of 1969 cards.  The Cepeda is an upgrade to the copy I have.  Carlton has some major issues, but I could not pass it up for $1.  The 2 1969 cards are in great shape.

There were fewer 1970s cards in the binders, but I did find a nearly mint 1971 card from my list.

I also found a couple of oddballs.  The 1975 mini Brock is very close to mint.  The 1977 Kellogs McBride has a ton of cracks, but I loved the color of it, and once again, I could not pass it up for $1.

The same dealer had 2 showcases full of vintage stars priced 6 for $25.  I found quite a few Cardinals but settled on these 6.

The 1967 Gibson and Carlton are not in the best shape, but I have seen a lot worse.   The 1958 Ken Boyer is in great shape.  The 1969 Torre is in great shape, but the Carlton does have some soft corners.  The 1971 League Leaders card is almost mint except for being miss-cut.  Overall I was very please with the $40 spent on these 21 cards.

The second table we bought from had various quarter, fifty-cent, and dollar boxes.  My son managed to find 2 Altuve cards for $1 total.

The 2021 Gallery card was a great find as it is a blue parallel numbered to 75.  

I spent most of my time at the quarter boxes.  I managed to pull a few Cardinals.

I was too lazy to check my list, otherwise I would have not bought the Mikolas refractor and Wong orange parallel.  I did need the other four, with the 2014 Update Peralta camo numbered to 99 being the best find.

All of these will be headed to Trading Bases member Ron B.  

I wanted to make it an even $5, so I pulled these 7 cards for trade bait.  

The final dealer had a few 6/$1 boxes.  Most were base cards from the last couple of years, but I managed to find 6 cards.

The 2 Cardinals are keepers, while the 4 Tek Luplow cards are for Ron B. 

We spent about 2 hours at the show and managed to hit most of the tables.  I will mention 1 dealer had a few tables of Cardinals stadium giveaway items.  I had my eye on a $10 bobblehead, but the 2 times I stopped at his table, he was nowhere to be found.  Maybe next time.   



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    1. Thanks. I am starting to appreciate the vintage side of collecting more.

  2. Nice pickups! The '71 Cardenal is really sharp. (Please tell me his name translates to "Joe Cardinal" lol)

    1. I have never thought of that, but it would be pretty cool.