Tuesday, January 31, 2023

TCDB 2 for Tuesday #32 with a Bonus

January has flown by this year.  Other than a few really cold days, the weather has not been that bad in my area.  I hope February is the same.  The colder weather makes it seem like baseball season is so far away, but things are looking up as spring training will be here very shortly.  Until then, I will get my baseball fix by trading small pieces of cardboard.  It is 2 for Tuesday, but since I have quite the backlog of cards sitting on my desk, I will show off 3 trades today.  First is a pwe trade with member jackal726.

My 2022 Allen & Ginter team set is now complete.  It was great finding 1 trader with the last 4 I needed.

This 2020 Topps x Steve Aoki Ozzie card was a very welcome extra card.  I have very few of these Topps online exclusive cards in my collection.  

The second trade package came from member CCC_Collects.

I completed another set with the 2022 Topps Fire Flaherty.  The 2 Mosaic cards did not scan well, but look a lot nicer in person.  My printer/scanner hates anything chrome.  After spending $60 on both ink cartridges last week, I am starting to think it may be time for a new one.  

The third package was courtesy of member sparkchaser41. 


I may call my 2022 Stadium Club team set complete with these 3 cards.  There are some photo and design variations I do not have, but some of those are very hard to find.

My favorite card from today's recap is this 2013 Topps Update Emerald card.  I have always loved this parallel.  Really wish Topps would bring it back.  


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