Wednesday, May 5, 2021

2 More For Today

It is not Tuesday, but I will continue with a couple more recaps in my effort to get caught up.   First up is a 4 pack of Cardinals from TCDB member boho23.

My 1992 OPC set is now complete.  The 1990s cards have been easier to track down than the 1980s that I need.  

I now have 3 of the 4 cards from the McGwire 1998 Pinnacle Stand Up Guys.  If I even find the 4th, I will have to put them together and take a picture.  I have never heard of the 1994 Pinnacle Run Creators insert before this trade.  There is also a Gregg Jeffries card I need to track down.  

I have made good progress on the 2019 Topps Gold team set.  This Hudson makes 16 out of 25.  Hudson will not throw a pitch this year due to Tommy John surgery.  Seems like every year the Cardinals have at least one pitcher with this injury.  

Next trade was another 4 pack of Cardinals.  This one was courtesy of TCDB member jbostic.

It was great to listen to a minor league baseball game last night.  It has been far too long since the last one.  Neither one of these 2 teams are affiliated with the Cardinals anymore, but I will gladly take the cards.  

I was surprised to see I needed the 1998 Collector's Choice card, but then I realized I needed the version with the home plate hologram on the back.  I already had the diamond hologram version.  The 2000 Chrome card actually came in its own pwe as the trader mistakenly sent the base Topps card the first time.  Nice of him to make things right.

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