Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Thinning Out 2021 Heritage

I have a problem when it comes to opening packs.  I am not talking about the ability to find retail to open, though that is also an issue.  I am referring to my immediate need to get rid of any cards that do not fit my collection, namely any non Cardinals.  I always try to get rid of cards as quick as possible.  The OCD in me cannot stand unwanted clutter, whether it is on my sorting desk or in a trade box.  

For the most part I have pretty good luck, as I have less than 5,000 cards for trade.  Most of those cards are from 1998-2003.  That time frame was right after I graduated college and before my wife and I built a new house.  Disposable income was more plentiful back then, so I busted quite a few hobby boxes each year.  Even before the pandemic hit, it was down to a few blasters.

This year I have opened a few packs of Topps Series 1 and 2 Heritage blasters.  I still have quite a bit of Series 1, but I have had good luck trading away the Heritage base cards.  Last week TCDB member Kaline6 send me a nice Cardinals lot in return for 20 of those Heritage cards.  

These 1981 Topps Scratchoff cards remind me of a Connect 4 game.  It is tempting to scratch away, but I will resist the urge unless I find duplicates.  

These 2 1987 Topps Traded cards are the Tiffany version.  Very glossy in hand.  

More Topps Traded Tiffany cards, this time from 1988.  

I should have pulled out my 1991 Topps cards to show that this is a dark logo variation, but I was too lazy.  Variations are not a big part of my collection.  When they are clearly visible like this I will go after them.  When it comes to the late 1980s Donruss cards with a dot or no dot after Leaf Inc, I will pass.

I remember thinking Jose,  Bernand Gilkey, and Ray Lankford would roam the Cardinals outfield for a long time in the 1990s.  Jose was an All Star in his first full season as a Cardinal in 1991, but would only last 1 more full year before he was traded to Kansas City for Gregg Jefferies.  Glad I chose the outfielder to collect who had the best Cardinals career.  



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