Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Just 1 Today

I did not have as much spare time this morning to scan cards as I did yesterday, so today I only have 1 trade recap to highlight.  These cards were courtesy of The Bench member Shepherd.

Gold cards are always good.  Maybe by the end of the summer I will finally complete a team set.

I was almost shocked to see today's Cardinals starting lineup did not have Molina in it.  Even at 38 years old, he wants to play everyday.  This will be his second day off in 17 games.  Before the season started most fans were expected him missing one game a week.  So far that looks about right, but once it gets warmer he may get an extra day here or there.  

I almost completed my 2016 Heritage team set with this Diaz card.  I thought I was getting the regular short print card, but I received this action variation.  Not a problem though as I needed both.  

My son added 3 more Altuves to his collection with a couple of Topps Fire parallels and a 2018 Panini Chronicles Score card.  Once again gold is good one a baseball card.  

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  1. Nice Molina. He's a beast and like you said never wants out of the lineup. I like the variety Chronicles gives us. I didn't have any luck finding baseball when it came out. Just basketball and NASCAR. Good post.