Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Spent My EBAY Bucks

Earlier this year EBAY changed its policy regarding EBAY bucks.  No longer will you receive 1% on any of your purchases.  You may still get the occasional 5% offer that is good for a few days.  It always seems that comes after a spending spree.  

In my case, the change did not affect me that much.  It is rare for me to spend over $50 a month on the site.  March was different though, as I purchased some truck rims for a coworker that were over $500.  He paid me the next day and I had a little free money to play with.  I also had a few dollars left on a gift card, so last week I decided to go shopping.  Not finding an autograph or Lankford card, I settled on finishing a team set from 2016.

These 2 completed the 21 card team set from 2016 Topps Chrome Sapphire.  I was able to find a seller with both cards who accepted my best offer.  I paid a little over $5 out of pocket, but it feels great to complete this set.  This online exclusive has a print run of 250.  They are not serial numbered, but are great looking cards.    



  1. Nice work! I just posted about my eBay bucks as well. I got lucky and made a really big purchase during a 5% promotion, but that was lucky timing. I was getting ready to buy and received the offer.

    1. Timing is everything. Saw your post, that is a sharp Jeter card.