Monday, April 12, 2021

Quality Over Quanity

I am guessing most collectors will tell you they have no problem trading away a large quantity of cards in return for a quality card.  I am no different, but my standard of quality is most likely lower than most.  I will gladly trade a lot of base cards in exchange for a handful of Cardinals I need.  It is so much better to get rid of unwanted excess cards for something that fits into my personal collection.  Last week I worked out such a trade where I sent TCDB member dallasdanger 48 Dodger cards in exchange for 6 Cardinals and 1 Altuve card.  

Jose is off to a good start this year despite all the fan heckling the Astros are receiving on the road.  My son's push for 400 continues.

I completed my 2021 Opening Day team set with the Whitley and Goldy card.  I already have the Carlson, but the trader included a copy because he could not find the Altuve.  Good for me, not for my son.

I did get a nice 2021 Opening Day insert and a 2020 Topps Heritage Sticker preview.  Do we really need a preview of a sticker set?

The last card was this sweet 2021 Flaherty relic.  I still enjoy these cards even though that could be a piece of who knows what that never saw the green grass of Busch Stadium.  



  1. My favorite TCDB trades are when I can trade a few cards away for just one or two I need. More out than in!

    1. Agreed. Anything that will reduce clutter is a win in my book.