Monday, April 13, 2020

2 EBAY Wins

My family and I spent a nice Easter Sunday at home yesterday.  Not much different than any of the most recent weekends, except a larger meal and weather not quite as nice.  After a much needed nap following lunch, I had some spare time to scan a couple of EBAY wins that arrived recently. 

Gorman autos are coming down in price now that he is signing for more products.  I was able to get this one for less than $15 delivered.  I love this card because in shows him in his Peoria Chiefs uniform.  Today was scheduled to be their home opener.  I am starting to have serious doubts whether any minor league baseball will be played this year.  The majority of them did not have any spring training.  With the season ending around Labor Day, I don't see much chance of games getting in. 

I paid more than what I wanted for the Branch Rickey bobblehead, but it does not come up for sale very often.  The Cardinals Hall of Fame Museum gave it out in 2018 as part of its family membership package.  I now have all 10 bobbleheads from the Museum.  Now I need to work on a nice display for them.