Thursday, April 9, 2020

Still At It

My new normal has changed a few times since the shelter in place happened.  I have thankfully been working a regular schedule.  My evenings are spend with the family doing baseball or softball drills in my shed.  Last week the weather became a little warmer, so we started riding bikes and taking our beagle for evening walks.  Over the weekend, I signed up for Disney Plus.  Now we add a nightly movie to our routine.

In all of this, I still find time to make a trade or two a week.  Tuesday brought a nice package from TCDB member jcouvy.  It started out as a simple 2 for 2 trade, but he could not find one of the cards.  He offered another in replacement that I needed.  All was good.  His pwe arrives with another 6 cards and a nice note saying how sorry he was for not having the right card.  Another example of the great traders that are still out there.

The Green Hudson was one of the original 2 cards I needed.  The Dean/Gibson insert was the replacement for the missing card. 

The extra cards included 2 more 2020 Heritage for my team set.  These were a sad reminder of my failed trip to Jupiter last month.  The photos were taken at the Cardinals spring training stadium.

It has been awhile since I had a hit to my son's 2019 Topps Fire set.  Only 4 more to go now. 

I already had these 3 inserts, but still appreciate them being included.  I can always use Cardinals for trades with Kerry and other St. Louis collectors.

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