Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Clueless Trade

I have mentioned before how interesting some usernames can be.  Earlier this month there was a thread on TCDB where members could explain what their username was about.  Some were not very original like mine where you pick a favorite team or player.  Others used something based on their job or interests.  Collector CluelessJoe used his Navy callsign.  When it comes to baseball cards, he is anything but clueless.  His package of Cardinals arrived on Monday.

I was able to finish the small 5 card team set from 1997 Sports Illustrated.  I have a copy of the Lankford in my player collection already.  I did learn something new by reading the back of the Jordan card.  I did not know the Cardinals drafted him with a compensation pick when Jack Clark signed with the Yankees in 1987.  That worked out pretty well.

I have voiced my displeasure for mini cards many times, but when they are of a Cardinals legend I will gladly take them.  The 2008 Upper Deck Goudey is the red back version.. 

The last 2 cards have nothing in common, but I did not feel like make 2 scans.  I have talked about the Opening Day blue cards quite a bit lately.  Love the eye appeal of them.  The Young card is from 1997 Donruss Team Sets.  I am not sure how these were packaged, but I do not have very many of them.  It will take a while to track down the last 10 I need. 

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