Thursday, April 2, 2020

Stay Home Opener

Today was scheduled to be the Cardinals home opener.  That obviously is not going to happen.  Last night I received an email from them promoting a Stay Home Opener.  They launched a web page for fans to check out highlights from past opening days, or listening to player interviews.  If you are bored you can check it out here .

With the lack of live baseball to watch, I will have time to file away a few cards that arrived yesterday from TCDB member Bertons doubles. 

I received my first 2020 Donruss cards.  The design is what you can expect from recent Donruss base sets, boring.  As always, the catcher cards look the best.

Of course there are plenty of variations to chase after.  I do like the Diamond King cards.  I only have 1 more base card to track down for my team set.

The are plenty of color variations also.  This one is Holo Blue.  I believe there is also orange, pink, purple, and red versions to chase after.  The only non Donruss in the package was a 2019 Bowman's Best refractor.  Love the design on these.

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