Thursday, April 15, 2021

My First 2021 Donruss

 A recent trade with TCDB member 2822ams brought me my first cards from 2021 Donruss.  

Like the last few years, the base design is pretty plain.  The ribbon in team colors is nice, but the plain white borders make the lack of logos stand out.  I know that will not change because Donruss uses so many different colored parallels.  At least the Diamond Kings is a little different.

My son also received his first 2021 Donruss card with this name variation.  Looks like the Astros got hit pretty hard with the virus this week.  Altuve will be out for a while along with Bregman and Alvarez.

Slowly but surely I will complete the 2021 Hertage team set.  4 more base and 3 short prints left to go.

I love getting cards featuring players in a Peoria Chiefs uniform.  Even better that this 2019 Heritage Minors inserts shows one of the Cardinals top prospects.  


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