Monday, February 6, 2023

2nd in 2 Weeks

I find it funny how sometimes you make a trade with someone you never had before, then work out another very shortly after the first one.  This was the case with TCDB member jackal726.  We completed our first trade at the end of January, then finished another last week.  The second was just as great as the first.

This trader was a member of the Topps Montgomery club until this year.  He has quite a few nice online exclusives, like the 2 Molinas on top.  The left one is from the 2019 Kenny Mayne set, while the right one is from the 2018 Bryce Harper set.   Both are very nice, but it is hard to beat the 2014 Bowman silver ice parallel.  

It was nice crossing off this 2009 Ticket to Stardom David Freese from my want list.  It may look like a normal card, but the last 25 rookies in the set were numbered to 199.  It looks weird seeing him in a spring training uniform instead of his normal number 23.

Both of these pitchers were All-Stars for the Cardinals but are now without a job.  Rosenthal was a 2015 All-Star, but has been battling injuries for the last few years.  Martinez was a 2015 and 2017 All-Star but has also battled injuries and control problems since then.  Doubt if either one will ever regain their form.

I have no clue how many different set make up 2022 Panini Chronicles.  All I know is some of them look better than others.  The Nootbaar crusade fits in the former category.  Panini does a better job with the Mosaic parallels.  This Edman is from the 2022 set.


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