Thursday, February 2, 2023

Astros for Cardinals

Today's recap was a small team trade with TCDB member astrosammy.  As you can guess from his user id,  I sent him a handful of Astros.  In return, I received 4 Cardinals and one of his Astro duplicates.

My 2022 Topps Gallery team set is finally finished after getting the Arenado card.  The 2 nice inserts were icing on the cake.

Topps did a nice job capturing Donovan's hustling style of play on his 2022 Update Chrome card.  Donovan is the newest fan favorite who goes all out.  Players like Rex Hudler, Bo Hart, and Joe McEwing.  I hope he has more long-term success than those guys.

My son added this 2016 Finest Altuve to his collection.  I am not a fan of this design.  The horizontal lines running through the card are not necessary.  I prefer a nice clean looking background.


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