Friday, December 10, 2021

EBAY Win and Topps Package

Going to make this a quick Friday post.  I had to non trade packages arrive earlier this week.  The first was a small EBAY lot.

This Carlson lot was about $4.50 delivered.  I have a ton of the Topps base card, but needed the other 3.  The big draw for me was the factory set variation card.

The second package came from Topps.  Before this year, I had only entered 1 Home Run Challenge code.  It was Juan  Soto from last year that I missed by 1 day.  This year I entered 3 different Paul Goldschmidt cards.  1 was in August, 2 in September.  I picked right on September 1 and 24.

I was winner #6 and 130 out of 214.  I would love to trade one for another Goldschmidt or Arenado winner from this year.     

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