Tuesday, December 7, 2021

TCDB 2 for Tuesday #2

What better way to catch up on my trade recaps than to continue my 2 for Tuesday posts.  First trade is a couple of cards from member CSUBiochem.

These are my first 2021 Topps Archives Cardinals.  Most of the other base cards are coming in another trade.  I have no plans to go after the 7 different Cardinal variations unless someone offers them in a trade.  I already have enough cards to chase after.

The next trade was with member NewtHolding.  I sent him a stack of Braves in exchange for some Cardinals and an Altuve.

I need quite a few inserts from 2021 Toppps Update.  These 2 are a good start.  

Cardinals fans will always remember Pujols and Musial as El Hombre and The Man.  Both were once in a generation type players.  I have not added very many Pujols cards to my collection this year.  Not sure why as I still need hundreds.  This one is from 2003 Fleer Hot Prospects.  The Musial is a A&G back from this year's Allen & Ginter.

This Altuve 2021 A&G inserts was not part of our original trade, but Newt offered it as a substitute when he could not find a Ginter green parallel.  Good for my son's collection, not so much for me.  


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