Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Phillies for Cardinals

You all know by now that I am a team collector.  There are tons of us out there.  There are plenty of player and set collectors around also, but I would guess team collectors out number them by a good margin.  At least in the groups that I trade with.  I always keep them in  mind when I go to card shows.  Bargain boxes are a great place to find trade bait.  Being close to St. Louis, I do not find too many Cardinals in those boxes.  Even when you add the price of postage, I still come out ahead trading for Cardinals with other team collectors.  

My latest trade with TCDB member herkojerko consisted of 6 Phillies going his way and 6 Cardinals coming my way.  4 of the Phillies came from a card show for a total of $2.  The other 2 were from my 2021 Heritage Minors box break.  We both mailed in pwe, so shipping was less than $1.

I will start with a couple of oddball cards from the 1987 SSPC HOF set. The flags at the bottom are the years they were inducted into the Hall of Fame.  Very colorful set.  These two completed my 11 card team set.

Shiny Cardinals can be found in most dollar boxes at my card shows.  Sometimes they are higher.   The Goldschmidt if from 2019 Optic, the Edman is a 2020 Chrome refractor.

Musial cards are usually $1 or higher for inserts and parallels like this 2020 Stadium Club red.  Love the shot of his follow through.

Depending on what prospect list you look at,  Gorman is either #1 or #2 in the Cardinals system.  Assuming the 2022 season does not get cancelled because of the strike or virus, he should debut sometime next summer.  This 2019 Bowman Draft blue parallel would most likely be $5 at one of the shows I attend.  


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