Monday, December 27, 2021

Topps Holiday Blaster Box

My son and I had to run to Walmart on Christmas eve morning for a few baking supplies.  Glad I do not wait until the last minute to shop because the crowd was horrible.  We were lucky to only need 3 things, and of course hopped into the card aisle before leaving.  There was plenty of baseball product to be found with multiple blasters of everything recent.  My son wanted a Topps Holiday blaster.  He remembered having fun last year opening one.  Price was $21.98 plus tax.  A little higher than last year, but not as bad of an increase as some other products.  After a short wait in the checkout light, we headed home.  He could not wait to open them, so we did it on the ride back.

First thing that we found was the die cut ornament.  Nicely done Topps.

My son pulled both Cardinals, while I pulled the Altuve.  Always nice to hit your favorite player in the box.

The Metallic parallels are harder to spot this year.  You really have to feel the card to tell the difference.  Out of our 10 packs, we hit the stated odds of 1:2 packs.  

Short prints come in 3 different varieties: normal, rare, and super rare.  We hit a normal one which is 1:7 packs.  

Relics are 1:11 packs.  I guess we slightly beat the odds, although every box break I have seen has a relic or autograph in it.  I like the design this year.  Overall it was a fun break for the price.  

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