Monday, December 6, 2021

Fun Little PWE trade

I really need to catch up on my trade recaps.  I believe I have 7 different piles of cards on my desk right now with 3 or 4 more that should arrive this week.  Not all are trades.  I did attend a show yesterday, and I also have a package from Topps.  Today's recap features 5 cards from TCDB member MaxPower1990.  

The boring part of the trade consisted of these 2 2021 Update Cardinals.  Nothing too exciting about a couple of guys who are no longer with the team, but I needed them for the team set so they will have a good home.

I will liven things up with this 1995 Cardtoons Bob Tewksbury card.  Tewks was a pretty good pitcher for the Cardinals in the early 1990s.  He was an even better artist.  I doubt if he drew this card image, but if he did it was an awesome job.  

How great is this 2020 Topps X Lou Brock card?  It just screams 1970s.  Glad I traded for it because I saw a couple vendors at the show yesterday with a $10 price tag on it.  The 1989 Gibson is a sweet card also.  I have not come across very many of these Starting Lineup cards without the figures.  


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