Monday, December 20, 2021

Second Show in 2 Weeks

My son and I hit up another card show on Saturday.  This one was a lot closer than the last one .  We drove about 45 minutes to hit up a new show in Effingham, IL.  I needed to hit up Menards for a remodeling project over  Christmas break, so of course we made time to hit the show.  This is the first show of my knowledge held at the Events Center.  There used to be a show in the local mall, but that was at least 15 years ago.  The show was advertised as 50 tables.  I was not expecting to find very much at the show in regards to value boxes.  It seems everyone is after graded cards and wax right now.  We ended up spending $9 in the hour we were there.    

The first dealer we hit up had boxes of team packs for $4 or $5.  He allowed us to go through them and pick out what we needed.

The dealer was impressed that my son had a list of Altuve cards in his collection that he used to make sure he needed the cards he pulled.  TCDB has a nice feature where you can print out parts of your collection.  It comes in very hand at shows.

I pulled these 4 cards from his boxes.  The 3 Pirates are for good friend Ron B.  The dealer cut us a nice deal of $2 for all 9 cards.  

Next dealer had an assortment of Cardinals cards and stadium give aways.  Some of his prices were a little high.  The same Ted Simmons bobblehead I bought at the St. Louis show for $20 was $35.  I did manage to find 4 cards in his quarter boxes.

The 3 1979 Hostess cards are not in the best shape, but I still love them.  I took a chance on needing the McGwire 1998 Pinnacle Plus insert.  My wifi worked in the room, but I was too lazy to check it.  Turns out I needed it.  

Our next purchase was from a set of brothers that I am guessing were in their late teens or early twenties.  They had a nice set up of boxes separated by sports.  Each box had quarter, 50 cents, and $1 cards.  We spent $5 on the following cards.

The Altuve Chronicle was 50 cents, while the Mosaic was $1.  It was fun going through the boxes and seeing all the different Mosaic parallels.  Wish we could have found more Altuves are some Cardinals.

All these Topps parallels were in the quarter section.  I try to stick to players or teams that I know I can trade easily.  4 of these are already involved in trades.

These were also quarter cards.  All of them are spoken for.  

The last dealer had a small box of $1 cards.  My son managed to find an Altuve card he needed.

This 2021 Bowman Neon Green card was pretty easy to spot.  I was not even aware these existed.  Most of the time when I think of Bowman color, it is the Chrome variations for prospects.  

29 cards for $9 was our total for the day.  My son came out ahead of me this time with regards to cards for our collections.  Not sure if this show will be held monthly, quarterly, or even if it will happen again.  It is in a good location with plenty of room to grow.  We would most likely go again.    



  1. Not bad. Not often I see McGwires anymore, but that Yard Works is one I need to track down for my Big Mac collection. Well worth a quarter!

    1. I am guessing most dealers have his cards, but don't want to bring them to shows because they believe they will not sell. Glad to add them to my collection for that price.

  2. I love seeing card show pickups. I think you got some good bargains there, especially those Topps parallels at a quarter apiece.

    1. I love reading about card show recaps. I even watch youtube videos about them.