Thursday, December 23, 2021

Last Update and Some Inserts

The holiday season is almost here.  Just 2 more days until the man in red appears.  Today is my last full day of work this year.  I have a few things to wrap up before we shut down at 4 today.  I am looking forward to some down time in the next few days.  I have quite a few cards to enter into my spreadsheets and file away.  My hope is a good couple of hours will take care of everything.  The filing never stops though thanks to the incoming trades like a recent one with TCDB member Burefreak.  7 new Cardinals arrived in a pwe on Monday.

It feels good to finish up my 2021 Topps Update team set.  It was hard to resist not buying any at the local Walmart, but I managed.  The Topps Archives Bazooka insert is a great looking card.  Although he is a switch hitter, for some reason most of Carlson's cards show him batting lefthanded.

The other base card was from 2021 Absolute Retail.  Still need a couple more to finish this rather bland looking set.  

I usually prefer blue or red parallels, but for some reason I have always liked the green bordered GQ cards.  Just like Topps Gold, I have a long way to go before completing any of these team sets.

2 more great looking inserts finished up the package.  The  Molina 2020 Stadium Club Chrome Xfractor is a great shot of him tracking a foul ball.  The Goldschmidt 2019 die cut reminds me of the Flair Hot Gloves inserts from the 1990s.  It does not have a leather feel, but is textured.  Panini did a nice job of hiding the logos on this one.



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