Friday, January 21, 2022

5 for Friday

The card stacks on my desk do not seem to be shrinking despite my best effort to post a recap every weekday.  I received 5 different packages on Tuesday that just added to the backlog.  In the spirit of my 2 for Tuesday posts, today I am going to do a 5 for Friday post featuring 5 different packages.  These were not all the ones from Tuesday (wish I was that caught up).  First up is are 3 cards I purchased from The Bench member 7timecy.

These 3 Bo Hart numbered cards cost me $1.75 delivered.  Not bad for 3 short print cards that are almost 20 years old.  The 2003 Flair is numbered to 500, the 2003 Authentix to 1250, and the 2003 Genuine insert to 150.  

Next up is one of the Tuesday packages from TCDB member CoachBarry.

This simple 3 for 3 pwe trade brought me 3 nice shiny 2021 cards.  After receiving the Arenado card, I just need to find the Dylan Carlson to complete my Finest team set.  The Molina is one of many 2021 Chronicles.  The Dejong is from online exclusive Finest Flashbacks.  I need 4 more for that set including the Carlson again.  

Another Tuesday package came from TCDB member eortiz01.

Shortly after receiving most of the 2019 Cardinals ASG team set in this trade last week, I found the last 3 I needed.  It was great to get them in 1 deal.

A third Tuesday package came from TCDB member Jahape1.  I sent him 4 different 2021 Topps Chrome refractors for these 4 Cardinals.

The Arenado silver pack card looks awesome.  Topps did a good job of using a spring training photo so his uniform would match the team banner.  After crossing Oviedo off my 2021 Heritage High Numbers want list, I just need to find a Andrew Knizner short print.  The bottom 2 Xfractors are my first ones from 2021 Topps Chrome.  That will be a difficult set to complete because of, you guessed it, the Dylan Carlson card.

The last trade package from TCDB member twinscollector 34 has been sitting on my desk for 2 weeks.  

Here are 3 oddballs and a Dylan Carlson that did complete my 2021 Topps Fire set.  The Jefferies is from 1993 Baseball Card Magazine, while the bottom 2 are from the 1990 AGFA set.  I have not heard of this 22 card set before, and could not find much information on how it was distributed.  One EBAY auction I found said AGFA was a German based photo company that gave the cards out with the purchase of film.  Not sure if that is true, but it does make for an interesting story.


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