Tuesday, January 18, 2022

TCDB 2 for Tuesday #7

Installment #7 of TCDB 2 for Tuesday will be short and sweet.  As always 2 different trades with TCDB members.  This time only 3 total cards to show off.  First is the bigger trade with member jamestagli.  I sent him 4 different Indians inserts for a couple of Cardinals from 2021 Topps Archives.

You see a mini 1989 Paul Goldschmidt on top of a big Dylan Carlson head that is a 1963 Peel Off.  These 2 are worth the $0.58 price of postage.  

The second trade with member BLWinBorn40 was a simple 1 for 1 trade.  

This is the first time I have received a relic card in a pwe.  It arrived safe and sound.  It helps this 2021 A&G card is not much thicker than a base card.  I do not really care for the pale green border, but the card design is not bad.  It is hard to see the small cut out on the bat piece so you can feel it.  

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