Friday, January 14, 2022

PWEd by Kerry

Like most collectors/bloggers who send anything through the mail,  the post office always finds a way to surprise us.  Sometimes good, sometimes bad.  Last Saturday I mailed a trade to New Jersey in a bubble mailer.  It was delivered on Monday.  I contacted the trader to verify the tracking was true, and sure enough he received it.  2 days to getting from Illinois to New Jersey is unbelievable.  The week after Christmas I received a pwe from one of my favorite Cardinals blogger Kerry  This was somewhat unexpected, but very welcome.  2 days later I receive another pwe from him.  I did not ask, but I assume he mailed them the same day.  At least all the cards in both envelopes arrived in great shape.

These are my first silver portraits parallels from 2021 A&G.  Someone was lucky enough to get a hot box this year.

Kerry also sent my first 2021 Stadium Club Chrome cards.  Hard to go wrong with great photography and a chrome finish.

I did have a one card from 2021 Gold Label.  Kerry added a couple more from Class 1, a Class 2 Arenado, and a Black Class 1.  Glad Topps noted on the front of the card what class it is.

I received a couple of inserts from 2021 Panini Prizm.  You have already seen these in a couple of previous posts, but they will be passed on to another Cardinals collector.  It is tempting to hold onto the Carlson, but in the end I thought it was best to share the wealth.

The last card was a nice 2019 Bowman's Best refractor.  If I had to pick a favorite current Cardinals, it would be a close toss up between him and Wainwright.  I love how they just go about their daily business and do not feel the need to show off a lot of emotion.  I am an old fashioned guy who does not care for the bat flips and stare downs.  I understand the need to jump around or celebrate after a big hit, but I do not want to see it every time you hit a home run.  Put your head down, run the bases, and act like you have been there before.  



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  1. I definitely mailed them both at the same time. You never know what's going to happen with the postal service these days.