Friday, January 28, 2022

Trading Bases Trade

We made it to the end of the work week.  I would hope everyone is doing well.  Here in southern Illinois we are getting a few snow flurries today with little to no accumulation expected.  That is a far cry for anyone on the east coast.  I hope the forecast is wrong about all the snow and wind that is headed that direction, but it sounds like it could be a rough few days.  If it does happen, maybe all the collectors can spend time in their card room and catch up on any scanning and/or filing they need to do.   That is part of my plan for Saturday.  

I am down to 4 stacks of cards on my desk.  My goal is to get them all scanned and the trades recapped before the next wave of envelopes arrive next week.  Today's recap is a nice batch of Cardinals from Trading Bases member Chris D.  I believe this is the first time I have had the pleasure of exchanging cardboard with him.   

Since it is snowing, I will start off with a couple of snowflake cards.  The 2021 Flaherty completed my Holiday base set.  The Carpenter is a metallic parallel from 2016.

Let's move to thoughts of spring with a couple of green Gypsy Queen cards.  These cards make me think of mowing grass.  Glad I will not have to do that for a few months.  Martinez from the 2017 set, Molina the 2020 set.  

Rainbow foil parallels are not as tough to find as the gold cards, but I have yet to complete a team set of them either.  Hicks if from 2020, Molina 2018 Update.

It is great to cross off a Heritage short print need from my wantlist.  Only 1 more to track down to finish the 2020 set.  The Goldy mini is an A&G ad back variation.  

The Paul DeJong portion of the trade features a 2020 Stadium Club red parallel and a 2020 GQ chrome box topper.  At first I thought the Stadium Club photo was showing DeJong turning a double play, but he is making a throw to third base.  Maybe he turned the dp anyway.  The baby blue uniform looks great with the chrome finish.  

I will finish up with a trifecta of Cardinals pitchers.  Wainwright is a 2012 refractor, Reyes a 2017 Class 2 , and Gibson a 2021 base card.  You could say these are Cardinals aces from the past, present, and future.  At least I am hoping Reyes can be an ace.  It sounds like the Cardinals are giving him a shot to start this season.  Wainwright, Flaherty, Hudson, Mikolas, and Matz are the top 5.  If it is like any other recent year, one of them will have a season ending injury before the season even starts and Reyes will get his chance.  


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