Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Old and New Heritage from Ron B

I was tempted to skip a post today as it is my daughter's 17th birthday.  As soon as work is over we are headed for dinner and a movie.  After being in quarantine for her 16th birthday last year because I had Covid, I feel the need to make this year a great one.  We have bigger plans this weekend if the weather allows us to travel.  Good thing I have a slow day at work to knock out today's trade recap from Trading Bases member Ron B.  Ron sent his usual great Cardinals lot that was heavy on Topps Heritage.

I could not tell you that last time I received a 2011 Heritage Minors card that I needed.  This Cox was 1 of 2 shortprints that I needed.  Down to just 2 more total to finish this one up.

Ron actually sent 2 packages.  One was a bubble mailer and the second was a pwe that contained this Brock poster from 2021 Heritage High Numbers.  This thing was so big that it did not fit on my scanner bed, so I cut off the bottom.  I love the spring training photo with the palm trees in the background.

I was able to put a good dent in my High Numbers needs.  

Along with the base cards, I received an action variation of Paul DeJong.  I also added his 2021 Topps Gold.  One of my big hopes for the 2021 season is for DeJong to have a good one.  It is hard not to root for a nice guy who has a great looking autograph.

Ron included some various colored parallels.  Normally I would pick the Carlson as my favorite, but the green Allen Craig really stands out.  

The last card was a stat line parallel from 2016 Donruss.  Piscotty is a player who is also easy to root for due to his mother's battle with ALS.  He may still be in St. Louis if she came down with the disease and passed away.  


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